Welcome to The MN Wine Club application to join our group.

About half the people that complete this form get approved. The other half don't care enough to read the form or aren't serious about joining, exactly the drama we don't want in the group. The group costs nothing to join we simply ask for periodic attendance and good manners.

We simply ask that our guests follow 3 simple rules. 1. Sign-up and show up to your first event in the first 60 days. 2. Sign-up & show up to one event every six months. 3. Don't be a Pain In The …. Do you agree to this?

Attendance (Y/N)

What is your: name, age (within 5 years), marital status & occupation of you and your companion if you have one? We use this to create name tags. We do not want to know WHERE you work, just what you do! For a reference name we used DennisandEllen, so people can link up to others they know from the group.We will post this for our events to help you know the people that will be there.

Your First Name
Your Age (within 5 years)
Your Occupation (not where you work)

If you are a couple
Signif Other (SO) Fname
SO Age (within 5 years)
SO Occupation

Marital Status
Your reference Name

Your Preferred E-mail

What is your knowledge of wine and what kind of wine do you like?

Wine Knowledge

We want ACTIVE members not just membership numbers. Please tell us specifically which event in the next two months will be your first event. Lacking a specific event at http://www.TheMNWineClub.com and your attendance you will not be approved. You can always reapply when you are ready to commit.

First Event Attending


Hit SUBMIT to send the form!


Dennis & Ellen
The MN Wine Club


You know the net, sometimes it has problems handling forms and email.When I get the form I will email you back a reply within a week. If this form fails, or you do not get a reply (within the week), try to email me the info at Dennis@TheMNWineClub.com


Dennis & Ellen