Who is Attending the Saturday, October 1 Tasting at

Parley Lake Winery

So far signed up are:

Cathryn-T: Cathryn (66 Retired)

DennisandEllen: Dennis (55 Publisher) & Ellen (55 Insurance Underwriter)

King-Gary: Gary (45 Porn Star... he wishes)

MellissaandScott: Mellissa (35 Marketing) & Scott (35 Landscaper)


Max group size 25, 19 places left

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Dennis & Ellen
The MN Wine Club


You know the net, sometimes it has problems handling forms and email.When I get the form I will email you back a reply within a week. If this form fails, or you do not get a reply (within the week), try to email me the info at Dennis@TheMNWineClub.com


Dennis & Ellen