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Oct 16th: TBD Wine pairing

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Casablanca Theme Wine Pairing
When: Saturday June 19, 2021 at 7:00 PM
Where: On our back deck, next to the fire and the 20 ft silver screen
(north Metro inside the loop)

We have been running wine events as The MN Wine Club for about ten years. With the pandemic ending we are returning to hosting again. We like theme events that have seemed to wain in recent years.

We have a great back deck that overlooks a park and we have a twenty foot screen that we can show movies on the house. We all are looking for a few hour runaway to a classic, simpler time. With that and what some claim Casablanca is possibly the greatest classic movie of all time we started to build a wine pairing event.

Looking back at classic Hollywood of the 30s & 40s we are looking to return to the classic times of Bogey and Bacall. To that end, we plan on having four or five Classic Bogey movies, one a month with wine & food to match the movie.

June 19th: Casablanca: Bogey & Ingrid Bergman a love story in war torn French Algiers .
Everyone bring a French or Algiers wine and food to pair & period dress if you desire.

July 17: The Maltese Falcon: Bogey & Mary Astor a detective Love story set in San Francisco
Everyone bring a California wine & food to pair & period dress

August 21: To Have or Have Not: Bogey & Bacall a Love story about the French Resistance
Everyone bring a French or Spanish wine & food to pair & period dress

Sept 18: The African Queen: Bogey & Kate Hepburn a love story with a boat in Africa
Everyone bring a South African Wine & food to pair & period dress

Oct 16: in discussion

We have bought posters, wines, looking at exotic food recipes and 30-40s styles to make these theme events fun.

The way our events work is simple. Sign-up & pay we'll email you our address as the date gets closer. We will ask for your names and occupations. We do so to make it easier to meet other people. We all will have name tags with our occupations, it really helps. We are limiting the events to 20 people, which we have chairs & room for. And pandemic rules… we are mask optional on an outside deck, next to a fire.

We ask that everyone bring a wine each and an appetizer to pair with the wine matching the theme. We should have some interesting food & wine pairings. Please email us your wine choice and pairing food a week before the event so we can have a pairing list for people. Theme parties are more interesting if you dress the part, but that is your call.

We are charging $10 each for this event which is non-refundable. We absolutely hate when people sign-up and cancel, keeping another person from attending. And if you no-show you will not be allowed to sign-up for the next event. We are using the $10 to buy posters, the video, eating utensils and things needed for an event like this. And the invite for the next event will go out first to the previous attendees.

We'll start the event at 7 PM opening the 20ish bottles of wines and appetizers. We will have serving utensils, napkins, plates, glasses ect. (Hint: we don't do paper/plastic plates, it's not our style). At 7:15 after 15 minutes of meeting people we will run a short video on what made the movie a classic. We learned at lot from it. At 7:30 we will run 1H 42 min movie getting done at 9 PM.

Wines: We have been tasting wines for ten years, we usually bring very good wine but not expensive to events. Our trick: go to Total Wine: walk around and look for recommendation tags. We like a wine rated 90+ under $20. You can't go wrong (usually). If you know nothing about wine we'll help you out. First lesson we'll work on is the French Rouge versus Blanc test.

Appetizer to bring: At the Casablanca event, we ask for some unusual food with a French or Algiers recipe. Carrot sticks or a cheap Cub cheese plate will be frowned up. It's a theme party we want to try something unusual. And we prefer you pair your wine & food.

Other than that may the first 20 attendees have a great time. Invites for the July event will be out a week after the June event is held.

Hope to see you there!

Dennis & Ellen

E-Mail us if you desire us to contact you when they are posted.

Dennis & Ellen

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